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Computerized Maintenance Management System

The selection and implementation of an electronic work order tracking system is a key component of a successful Maintenance Program. Although there are dozens of CMMS software packages available, the critical modules that are included as part of a basic program include:


Primary Operating Functions:

  • Work Orders (tracking, quick reports, labor reports, generate work requests)
  • Work Request Forms & Surveys
  • Preventive Maintenance (tracking, generate templates for recurring work)
  • Materials/ Inventory (master listing, cost data, add/modify, vendor information, issue/ transfer)
  • Equipment/ Asset Tracking ( master listing, data on items, location, failure code, condition monitoring)
  • Vendors & Purchasing ( create vendor contact lists, RFQ's, PO's, Invoices, and desk top requisitions)
  • Project Management ( document control, safety templates, job tracking)
  • Resources ( service contracts, contractor lists, tools, labor descriptions and cost information)
  • Reporting and Business Analysis ( edit reports, customize reports, evaluation forms, key performance indicators, financial data, import/ export data)
  • Dispatching & PDA Communication (send/ receive work orders, track time and material and dispatch to field technicians, real time tracking)

User Inputs:

  • Worker information
  • requestor/orderer
  • vendors
  • equipment
  • parts & supplies
  • checklists (scripts)

Sample Reports:

  • summary of open and completed work orders
  • billing summary report
  • analysis of order cost reports
  • analysis of order time reports
  • open orders past target date
  • future PM work order report
  • bar chart report
  • work order list report (by requestor, worker, date)
  • PM work order list report (by requestor, worker, date)
  • Equipment list report
  • Worker list report
  • Vendor list report
  • Checklist procedure list report

Methods to transfer work orders to workers

  • computer printout or email
  • web-based browser (any PC)
  • PDA, Workpad, or pocket PC
  • Cell phone


  • paperless reporting
  • manages, logs, monitors work flow continuously
  • creates maintenance history
  • records T&M for on-site and vendor staff
  • records data for performance metrics and KPI's
  • captures PM checklist items for specialized equipment
  • increases on-site communication
  • records work completion dates for periodic inspection
  • allows customer interface and satisfaction surveys