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Facility Services Is Our Core Competence

Combined Expertise-We combine our years of experience in property management with building maintenance, and energy management to deliver an integrated services program that will minimize future maintenance costs at your site.

Six Sigma Practices-The HPS integrated facility services program provides the building owner performance metrics based on Six Sigma processes. Using the Balanced Scorecard framework we optimize Capital Asset Planning and Reliability Based Maintenance at your facility.

Web-based Work Order Management-Web-based software will provide wireless, paperless, real-time work order tracking systems.

Strong Regional Presence-HPS offers a flexible regional maintenance program capable of leveraging procurement with local vendors to provide savings to your bottom line.

Focused Training and Technology-Take advantage of the significant investment in personnel development, vendor networking and facility technologies provided by Engineered Facility Solutions, Inc.

Flexible Workforce-By creating a district of maintenance users, we have the unique ability to "flex" key staff between properties maximizing efficiency and sharing specialized personnel throughout the district.

Opportunity for Career Advancement-We value the skill sets and expertise of facility maintenance personnel. Through our network of assignments we create a career path for our staff that does not end at a single facility. Continuous opportunity for advancement and job satisfaction are key components in motivating personnel to provide best in class services as part of our value proposition.


Facility Operations Programming

  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Energy Management (Supply Side, Demand Side)
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Contract Administration and Leveraged Procurement
  • Monthly Financial Reporting and Variance Analysis
  • Payroll Services and Accounting
  • Capital Project Cost Audit and Analysis
  • Fire and Life Safety Inspections and Training
  • Work Order Management (OM/PM) and Accounting
  • Call Center "24/7" Central Dispatch
  • Annual Facility Management Budget Preparation
  • Asset Management (Equipment Reliability)


Maintenance Services

  • General Building Maintenance
  • Mechanical/Electrical Trouble Shooting and Response
  • Interior Renovation "Quick Service
  • Manage Landscaping and Snow Removal Services
  • Security
  • Building Controls
  • Parking Lot and Road Repair
  • Tools Inventory/Spare Parts Control
  • Fire Suppression/ Fire Notification
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection

The design, manufacture, and distribution of automotive products is your core business.

Facility Services is ours. That is why our program brings optimal value to your
bottom line.


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We provide services to over two and a half million (2,500,000) square feet of industrial, healthcare, and educational facilities throughout North America.