Real Time Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Quebecor World International Multi-Plant Program

April 2009

Multi-Plant Building Condition Assessment and Benchmark Cost Analysis




Quebecor World International was facing a downsizing of production and operations. While site managers concentrated their efforts

on transfer of customer orders and equipment ,

HPS was contracted to perform a multi-plant  

building condition assessment and operations cost

analysis. The project was part of a re-structuring of

building maintenance and energy reduction to minimize

costs at selected sites throughout North America.


HPS completed a series of site inspections,

And developed a comprehensive facility assessment,

combining facility maintenance, energy and

engineering initiatives to provide an aggressive

operations and cost reduction program for seven QWI

locations totaling 3.5 million square feet.







Beginning in March 2006, the HPS maintenance operations reduction program was implemented to include sites in TN, CT, WI, and ON, QC in Canada. The program would provide a target savings of $701,000 during the first year of operation. Savings were derived from energy reduction initiatives, contract renegotiations, and

re-structured site  services.


The HPS initiative met or exceeded goals for the three year program

and provided QWI with documented results and reductions that

 total $2.5M  in 2008. Target reductions in excess of $3M were obtained

in 2009.


Progress was documented and verified by Quebecor staff on a monthly basis. HPS provided specialized systems and practices developed for plant closures to supply additional cost reductions.



"Making your facility work for you"