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Services Overview

The company will use current staff, and on-site technicians and laborers to supply property management and maintenance services. Generally, the services provided by Engineered Facility Solutions are as follows:


Facility and Maintenance Capital Planning

Maintenance engineering related to day-to-day repairs to the physical plant and building structures and utilities. Typically, projects on a site require a certain amount of planning, estimating and project management services necessary to complete small repairs.


On-going Maintenance

The maintenance staff includes personnel that complete the day-to-day repairs of the general building systems and infrastructure of the site. Typical repair work includes piping and drainage, electrical, controls, instrumentation and lighting systems, as well as the maintenance and oversite of other services at the site. The group may also complete preventative maintenance programs.


Buildings and Grounds

A separate team of maintenance personnel dedicated to the upkeep and repair of the buildings, roads, parking areas and landscaping. Specific tasks include roof and window repair, door repairs, painting, pest control, mat cleaning, office moves, porter, ceiling tile replacement, lamp replacement, Fleet maintenance, Plumbing.


Capital Construction Services

When capital projects or small renovations are required, Engineered Facility Solutions will supply services such as bid preparation, contractor selection, scheduling, estimating, contracts and purchase order preparation, change orders, review invoicing and coordinate contractors.


Plant Security Management

Plant security is also typically supplied on industrial sites under an outside vendor contract. Engineered Facility Solutions will oversee and manage all aspects of plant security contracts on behalf of the plant.


Cleaning Services Management

Plant and office cleaning services and trash removal is typically supplied on industrial sites under outside vendor contracts. Engineered Facility Solutions will administrate all aspects of the cleaning services contracts for the plant on behalf of the site. Energy and Utility Services Management EFS will provide staff to evaluate energy conservation and energy use at the facility. If projects are identified that will save energy with a payback on the initial investment in less than 18 months, the program will be undertaken. The other responsibilities of this position will be to review gas, sewer, water and electric utility charges at the site on behalf of the site owner.