Real Time Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Decommissioned & Idle Facilities

The consolidation of plant operations is the reality faced by many manufacturers in today's global economy. Providing Property Management and Maintaining a facility during minimal operation or idle time requires a specialized expertise and flexibility to manage hot and cold production cycles.


Engineered Facility Solutions provides an efficient single source delivery system to maintain the security, integrity and building operations while minimizing overhead and utility costs. Our state-of-the-art approach is based on a detailed benchmark analysis and schedule of values provided as part of a comprehensive operating budget.


Our Plant Closure Program is designed to reduce holding costs while improving the resale value of the asset. Specifically, Engineered Facility Solutions will implement a comprehensive plan that will include:

  • Recommission building operating equipment to meet minimal requirements while substantially reducing utility costs.
  • Secure the site
  • Prepare the structure for closure
  • Review and renegotiate service contracts to meet the needs of the facility
  • Maintain equipment certifications, permits, licenses, and insurance requirements.
  • Respond to site emergency's
  • Provide web-based document control to maintain building records, drawings, policies & procedures, PM records
  • Provide a fixed monthly operating budget and variance analysis to ensure cost accountability for the program

The EFS Plant Closure Program has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for Owners' at multiple sites across North America.