Real Time Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Quality Control Monitoring Systems 

Quality Control Monitoring Systems can be used in a number of on-site applications at Independent Health where verification of task completion and time & date stamping may be desirable.


Specifically the program utilizes bar code technology to monitor and track:

  • Building Cleaning Services - hourly workers track progress and performance. They can report to management minor housekeeping tasks in their areas for quick response by maintenance. Service providers are compensated for hours worked, cleanliness, and performance. The Quality Control Monitoring System eliminates detailed specifications and lump sum term contracts. Efficiency improvements are achieved as established in the Reliability Maintenance & Asset Management Improvement Program by improving efficiency, reducing maintenance work hours and optimizing savings.
  • Equipment Routing- Bar Coding on production line equipment can track predictive maintenance, route collection, provide equipment maintenance history quickly and easily, and provide remote monitoring and analysis. The on-line verification and documentation is also beneficial to ISO certification programs.
  • Equipment PM Program- Bar Coding may be incorporated as part of shut down management and completion and verification of preventive maintenance on production equipment. The software is used together with CMMS technologies to provide a comprehensive date/time stamp recording system. Measuring overall plant availability and maximizing uptime may also be determined using the Quality Control Monitoring System.
  • Contracted Building Services PM Programs- time and date stamping through bar code tracking devices may be used to monitor services provided by off-site contractors such as mechanical/ electrical building equipment, fire alarm, building controls, security systems thereby eliminating lump sum term agreements for preferred hourly rates.

The data can be imported/ exported to other IT support systems. The system meets JCAHO and DOH requirements for life safety reporting.


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